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Harm is not always easy to spot but there are situations to be aware of. Above all, trust your instincts – if something feels wrong, say something.

Examples of financial harm:

  • gives money to someone for reasons that concern you
  • is unclear or confused about where their money has gone
  • is stressed about money issues or debt.

Examples of physical harm:

  • has cuts, bruises or other marks they can’t properly explain
  • tries to hide injuries or refuses to talk about them
  • is fearful or withdrawn around certain people or in certain situations.

Examples of psychological harm:

  • is persistently having friends or strangers ‘hanging out’ at their house
  • is being verbally bullied by others
  • appears to be encouraged by others to take part in illegal or socially unacceptable activity.

Examples of sexual harm:

  • is being sexually harassed or intimidated
  • appears nervous, withdrawn or intimidated in the presence of others
  • becomes tearful or upset when their relationship is mentioned.

Examples of neglect:

  • is not dressing, washing or eating properly
  • is becoming socially isolated
  • can no longer look after themselves or their property.

Are you (or someone you know) at risk of being harmed?

Help is available